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If you don’t want to use vine­gar in your clean­ing prod­ucts (vine­gar should not be used on mar­ble sur­faces, for in­stance, as the acid in vine­gar can dam­age mar­ble), try bo­rax in­stead. Bo­rax is an all-pur­pose cleaner that can be used for stain, rust and mildew re­moval, as well as for de­odor­is­ing. To make a spray, place 1 cup of dried herbs in a glass jar. Fill with hot water, re­place the lid and al­low to steep for a few days. Strain, then add 2 ta­ble­spoons bo­rax and a few drops of es­sen­tial oil (op­tional), such as lemon­grass, laven­der or oregano. Shake to mix, then pour into a spray bot­tle for use.

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