Mak­ing per­fume with ES­SEN­TIAL OILS

While reg­u­lar per­fumes may last longer on your skin, you can breathe easy know­ing that per­fumes made from pure es­sen­tial oils are 100 per cent nat­u­ral.

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Just as you can make per­fumes from fresh or dried herbs, you can also make them with pure es­sen­tial oils. But the fra­grance you are cre­at­ing will have a more full-bod­ied aroma if you in­clude top, mid­dle and base notes. Some es­sen­tial oils evap­o­rate more quickly than oth­ers. For this rea­son, they're given a class of weight, which is de­ter­mined by the oil's volatil­ity, or how quickly the fra­grance dis­ap­pears rel­a­tive to other oils. Oils that evap­o­rate the quick­est, within one to two hours, are called top notes. Top notes are what you smell first in a per­fume. Oils that evap­o­rate within two to four hours are re­ferred to as mid­dle notes. They sur­face af­ter the top notes. Then there are base notes – these last the longest but are the slow­est to emerge.

Gen­er­ally speak­ing, base notes will dom­i­nate a blend if used in equal parts. To start off ex­per­i­ment­ing with a blend, a good ra­tio to be­gin with is three drops of your cho­sen top note, two drops of your mid­dle note and one drop of your base note. Blend these and see how they smell. Af­ter a while you will learn how the oils in­ter­act with one an­other, and whether you want more of one or the other.

The list of top, mid­dle and base notes is ex­ten­sive. Search the in­ter­net to find which es­sen­tial oils come un­der which cat­e­gory.

Remember that es­sen­tial oils are sol­u­ble in veg­etable and herb oils, and al­co­hol. They are not sol­u­ble in water. Also, you can buy fra­grance oils as a cheaper al­ter­na­tive to es­sen­tial oils. Fra­grance oils are man­u­fac­tured oils and con­tain fix­a­tives and sta­bilis­ers for a longer last­ing scent. They're fine to use, but if you want to use your per­fume for ther­a­peu­tic pur­poses, then you must use es­sen­tial oils.

To make a per­fumed oil, pour 10ml jo­joba (or sweet al­mond) oil into a dark­coloured glass bot­tle. Create your per­fume adding es­sen­tial oils drop by drop, shak­ing the bot­tle af­ter each ad­di­tion. Use around 15-20 drops of es­sen­tial oil per 10ml car­rier oil. Leave in a cool, dark spot for a few days to al­low the scents to meld.

A per­fume made out of es­sen­tial oils may smell great from the out­set, but leav­ing your per­fume to sit for 48 hours – even bet­ter, a week – will give you a much bet­ter idea of what the com­bined scents will smell like for the ma­jor­ity of the per­fume's life. Some­times the oils may com­bine into some­thing less ap­peal­ing. When mak­ing per­fume, pa­tience is a virtue.

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