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Mak­ing laven­der wands is rea­son­ably straight­for­ward but it can take prac­tice. 1. Har­vest fresh stems early in the morn­ing on a dry day. Gather a bunch of stems (use an odd num­ber if you want to weave rib­bon through the stems – we haven’t done that here) at least 30cm tall. A good num­ber to use is 13. 2. Strip away all the leaves. 3. Line up the bot­tom of the flower heads and tie them to­gether, at the base of the heads, us­ing string, as shown op­po­site. 4. Turn the bunch of flow­ers up­side down and gen­tly bend each stalk down over the flower heads. To make it eas­ier, score the stem with your fin­ger­nail. 5. When all the stems have been pulled down, po­si­tion them so that they sit evenly around the flow­ers, with­out over­lap­ping. 6. If us­ing rib­bon, weave it un­der and over the stems now. Make sure the weave is tight. When the laven­der dries the rib­bon will be­come looser. 7. Con­tinue weav­ing in rows un­til you have covered all the flow­ers. Tie a bow at the base. 8. If you pre­fer not to weave, sim­ply tie string around the stems at the base of the flower heads.

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