Otago Daily Times : 2020-11-23

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8 Otago Daily Times Monday, November 23, 2020 @ TELEVISION TVNZ 1 TVNZ 2 Three Prime Choice Maori Channel 39 © TVNZ 2020 freeview 1 SKY1 © TVNZ 2020 freeview 2 SKY2 freeview 3 SKY3 freeview 10 SKY 4 freeview 39 terrestria­l Dunedin & Invercargi­ll freeview 12 SKY 24 freeview 5 SKY 19 6am 6am 9am 10am 11:35 The Great Interior Design Challenge Babies – Their Wonderful World Hope For Wildlife Hotel Impossible Lose Weight For Good Joanna Lumley’s Unseen Adventures Antiques Roadshow Hope For Wildlife Travel Man’s Greatest Trips Rick Stein’s Secret France Big Cat Country River Cottage Every Day Mysteries At The Museum Salvage Hunters Amazon – The Lost World The AM Show The Café Infomercia­ls Face The Truth 6am 9am 10am 11am Noon 12:30 6:30 6:50 7am 7:25 7:50 8:15 8:40 9am 9:30 10am 10:30 11am 6:30 6:50 6:40 7am 6am 6:25 6:50 Breakfast The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tipping Point The Chase 1 News At Midday Emmerdale Esme And Roy Code Fun New Looney Tunes Ben 10 Unikitty! Puppy Dog Pals Moon And Me Infomercia­ls 8 Simple Rules Neighbours Murphy Brown Kevin (Probably) Saves The World Come Dine With Me Couples Judge Rinder The Middle Home And Away Shortland Street Power Rangers Beast Morphers Brain Busters Friends The Simpsons The Big Bang Theory Neighbours Home And Away Shortland Street Dog Almighty Pipi Ma Takaro Tribe Waiata Mai Te Ao Tapatahi Tamariki Haka Te Nutube Zoomoo Cube Huritua Paia Whanau Ki Tua Iwi Anthems Whanau Living Kuia Whaikorero Wehi Na Upload What’s Up With The Tumoanas? He Piko He Taniwha Ako Toku Reo Korero Mai Haka Life Te Mana Kuratahi Miharo Pipi Ma Takaro Tribe Waiata Mai Tamariki Haka Te Nutube Zoomoo Cube Huritua Paia Te Ao Marama Gourmet Goes Tribal Ben 10 – Alien Force Butterbean’s Café Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, And Dawn The Moe Show A Place In The Sun The Doctors Hot Bench Ice Road Truckers FBI Married… With Children The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wheel Of Fortune Jeopardy American Pickers Tagata Pasifika Prime News Rugby Nation The Crowd Goes Wild American Pickers 0 30 30 3 30 30 6am 6:30 7am Made In Germany Tiki Tour The Moe Show Southern Attraction­s Wellbeing A-Z In Good Shape Check In Travelogue Europe In Concert Tomorrow Today Euromaxx Drive It! Kick Off! Southern Attraction­s World Of Wildlife Antiques With Attitude Focus On Europe The South Today Southern Attraction­s The South Today China Now Shark Gordon Voice Of Islam The South Today Chick’s World Kick Off! National Geographic Arts 21 Euromaxx World Stories To The Contrary The Day Euromaxx Southern Attraction­s In Focus Cars TV Focus On Europe Arts 21 7am PG 0 8am 8am 8:20 8:50 10am 8:10 8:30 9am 30 30 0 7:30 9am PG 3 3 30 30 0 10am 10am 10:30 8:40 9:30 10:30 11:30 7:15 8:05 8:30 9am 10am 11am 11:30 12:30 1:30 2pm Ali, 28, a college dropout turned rapper, says his mother never supported him growing up, so now she should pay for his rapping career. 0 30 10:30 11am 11:30 Noon 1pm 1:30 2pm 2:30 3pm 4pm 4:30 5pm 5:30 6pm 7pm 7:30 8pm 8:30 9:30 10pm 10:30 11pm 11:30 Midnight 1am 2:30 Kai 3 PG 0 30 0 11am Noon 12:30 3 3 Mandy is eager to matchmake for Vinny and Liv; Priya is worried about Manpreet; Lydia deals with her emotions. 30 3 3 11:30 12:30 1:30 2:30 PGC 12:05 Vet On The Hill PGC PG 3 0 30 30 0 1pm 1:30 3pm 3 1:30 Jack Russell terrier Snuggs has a mysterious leg lump and a delicate eye surgery takes place for Whiskey the Weimaraner puppy. Country Calendar 3 3:30 3 32 3 32 A woman has farmed alone since her husband died in a farm accident 13 years ago, but gets a lot of community help to restore and conserve the native bush on her land. MVL 0 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 2pm 3:30 4pm 4:30 5pm 5:05 5:20 5:30 5:40 5:50 6pm 6:10 6:20 6:30 7:30 3 MV 30 PGC PG 3 0 3 1:05 Girl Obsessed PG 2015 3 Noon 1pm 2pm 2:30 3pm 3:35 4pm 4:30 5pm 5:30 6pm 6:30 7pm 7:30 0 PGC 2 M A student’s obsession with her professor takes a dangerous turn when she becomes a caregiver for his wife. Daveigh Chase, Rick Roberts, Sydney Penny. Thriller. PG 0 3 PG Brazilian archaeolog­ists investigat­e geometric shapes revealed in the landscape by extensive deforestat­ion. 3pm 3:30 4pm 5pm 5:30 6pm 7pm 7:30 2pm 3pm 4pm 4:30 The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tipping Point Te Karere Driving Test 3 30 30 30 30 3 3 0 PGC 2 3 8:30 Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road PG 0 As her Silk Road journey continues, Joanna travels to the Islamic Republic of Iran, where she meets people eager to share the culture and innovation­s of the Persian civilisati­on. 0 3pm Bondi Vet Blacky the cat has cruel injuries; Pam the kid forms an almost maternal relationsh­ip with Liesl; Chris becomes a mid-wife. Jesse, 18, has a lead foot and a hot set of wheels, but instructor Mark has his number pegged. Will driving examiner Andrew finally put the brakes on Jesse? 3 0 30 PG 30 30 PG 0 0 4pm The Fishing Show Classics 5pm 6pm 7pm 7:27 7:30 8pm 9:30 The Chase 1 News At 6pm Seven Sharp Backing Business Fair Go Motorbike Cops Colours Of China An Alabama couple has one of the largest collection­s the guys have seen, including several high-octane cars saved from the scrap heap. PG 3 0 0 Five colours resonate through traditiona­l and modern Chinese life; a visual and cultural journey to discover landscapes, moods, seasons, and regions. Fishing action from around New Zealand and the world. 0 0 PG PG 0 0 With the belief that food can change people’s lives, chef Pablo travels to the far northeast of India where he meets, eats, and cooks with tribes of the region. 0 4:30 5pm 6pm 7pm 7:30 NewsHub Live At 4:30pm Millionair­e Hot Seat NewsHub Live At 6pm The Project The Block Australia 0 8:30 Prison Exploring the challenges staff face when providing emotional and practical support to prisoners with mental-health issues. When a hit man who works for the government is killed, he goes to Hell where the Devil offers him a deal. Adaptation of Todd McFarlane’s cult comic. Martin Sheen, Michael Jai White, John Leguizamo. 16VLC 0 0 12:30 The dogs are tested on their scent skills, and they must find their owner’s socks amongst some creative distractio­ns. (Part 1) In Leicester, where over half the population is overweight, the Leicester Royal Infirmary has set up a high-risk maternity unit for obese mothers. 10:30 11:30 12:30 1:30 Salvage Hunters Mysteries At The Museum River Cottage Every Day Lose Weight For Good v World Big Cat Country Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Mysteries At The Museum PG 2am 8pm 8:30 10pm 10:30 11pm 11:30 The Negotiator­s Mavis Ki Tua Waka Huia Iwi Anthems Closedown PGC 3 A feisty P plater lashes out; Paul must sort out a three-car pile-up. 3am 4:30 5:30 F 0 PG 3 PG 0 0 4am 8:35 Big Birthers 2am MC Man 9:35 8:30 Spawn The Real Des Guest en suites are challengin­g for the contestant­s. MV 1997 Action. 5am 3am M 3 3 Documentar­y about Dennis Nilsen, one of the most notorious serial killers in British criminal history, including interviews with those involved in his case. Narrated by David Tennant. Carolyn Robinson presents internatio­nal current affairs. 0 4am 5am News bulletins and clips available on demand at www.channel39.co.nz 8:35 The Eruption – Stories Of Survival PGC PG Sky Sport 1 Discovery Movies Premiere 0 The two New Zealand survivors of the White Island eruption tell their story. SKY 51 SKY 70 9:35 Sun, Sea, And Surgery MC 0 SKY 30 Three British women visit the Comfort Zone clinic in Turkey, where their holiday package includes new boobs and bums. 6:35 7:30 8:20 9:35 10:25 10:50 Demolition Down Under Expedition Unknown Naked And Afraid Outback Opal Hunters How Do They Do It? How It’s Made How It’s Made Aussie Gold Hunters Evil Lives Here The 1980s – The Deadliest Decade Top Gear – Ambitious But Rubbish Homestead Rescue Gold Rush Fast N’ Loud Aussie Gold Hunters Richard Hammond’s Big Aussie Gold Hunters Diesel Brothers 6:15 Autumn Nations Cup (HLS) 9:40 11:40 9:30 Magnum PI The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Closedown 20/20 M 6:39 The Rhythm Section 16VLSC Italy v Fiji. PG PG MC PG Magnum and TC go under cover as efficiency experts when a corporate manager is murdered; Rick wonders why Higgins faked an injury. PG 0 Blake Lively, Jude Law. 2020 Action. 7am Autumn Nations Cup Autumn (HLS) 12:40 10:35 11:05 1 News Tonight Code Black 0 8:30 The Good Liar 16VLSC 2019 Drama. 7:30 England v Ireland. Wales v Georgia. 0 MC RNZ National 3 10:16 The Ian McKellen, Helen Mirren. Anne Hathaway, F 10:40 11:10 11:40 12:40 1:25 1:55 Two And A Half Men 2 Broke Girls Hell’s Kitchen Lethal Weapon Shortland Street Infomercia­ls 2 Overnight Emmerdale Neighbours Infomercia­ls M Nations Cup Autumn Nations Cup (HLS) 30 Angels Memorial becomes chaotic when a plane crashes into the eighth floor; when Noa has a car accident, Mario must save her; Willis admits he needs Rox in his life. PG 0 Hustle MLS 2019 Comedy. PGC 16L 16V PG 8am 10:35 11:05 NewsHub Late The Hui (HLS) freeview 50 SKY 421 30 0 30 30 11:15 PG 11:47 Lizzie Rebel Wilson. Chloe Sevigny, Kristen Stewart. 16VLSC 2018 8:30 10:35 Guinness Super Scotland v France. Ulster v Scarlets. Bulls v Pumas. 6am 9:06 10:45 Noon 1:06 4:06 5pm Morning Report Nine To Noon The Reading Midday Report Afternoons The Panel Checkpoint 3 11:40 PG PG Drama. L Pro14 Rugby Unlocked Autumn Nations Cup Mihingaran­gi Forbes presents a mix of current-affairs investigat­ions, human interest, and arts and culture stories. An in-depth weekly current-affairs show. With Kathryn Ryan. 12:30 1:20 MVLSC 1:29 The Forgiven 16VLSC 2017 Thriller. (RPL) 0 MVLSC 3:25 Finding Forest Whitaker, Eric Bana. 2:55 12:05 1:15 1:40 5:35 Q+A With Jack Tame Te Karere Infomercia­ls Te Karere 12:30 (RPL) 0 0 2:10 Steve McQueen MLS 2018 Drama. 4:40 5:05 11:40 NewsHub Nation Scotland v France. 3 0 32 With Jesse Mulligan. With Wallace Chapman. 3pm PG PG PG 4:55 The Travis Fimmel, Rachael Taylor. Joe Thomas, PG 2:30 Mitre 10 Cup (RPL) 30 30 3:50 5:40 6:35 7:30 8:30 4:45 PG Festival 16LSC 2019 Comedy. 5:30 12:50 Infomercia­ls Semi-final Two – Auckland v Waikato. 2 6:30 Anna Jemaine Clement. Sasha Luss, Luke Evans. Just out of prison, a Scottish woman juggles her job and two children while pursuing her dream of becoming a country-music star. Jessie Buckley, Julie Walters. PG 16VLSC 2018 4:30 Autumn Nations Cup RNZ Concert (RPL) News and current affairs programme. 8:30 Wild Action. MLS 2019 Drama. PG England v Ireland. 6:30 Trending Now Rose PG freeview 51 SKY 422 6:30 Guinness Pro14 (RPL) Programme highlighti­ng the RNZ stories people are sharing online. With Bryan Crump. Monster Jam – Breaking World Records. PG 6am 9am Noon Daybreak The Works Upbeat With Cynthia Morahan. With Nick Tipping. Ulster v Scarlets. 8:30 Tri-Nations (RPL) 7:06 10pm Nights News At Ten 11:05 Naked And Afraid MLC Wallabies v Argentina. From McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle. Lord of the Rats. With David Morriss. A roundup of today’s news and sport. With Karyn Hay. A late-night radio show with an eye on live events, an ear for music, a great sense of humour, and a genuine interest in people and their stories. 10:12 Knives Out ML 2019 Drama. 11:55 12:20 12:45 1:35 3:15 4:05 4:55 5:45 How It’s Made How Do They Do It? Weather Top Tens Gold Rush Moonshiner­s Homestead Rescue Expedition Unknown Naked And Afraid Gold Rush PG 1pm 3pm Onstage Classical Connection 10:30 11:30 Gallagher Premiershi­p Mitre 10 Cup 10:15 (HLS) Lately Daniel Craig, Chris Evans. Semi-final Four (RPL) 12:22 Shazam! MV 2019 Action. PG PG With Rick Young. – Tasman v Bay of Plenty. Semi-final Two 2:29 Finding Zachary Levi, Mark Strong. 2:25 PG 7pm 8pm 10pm Evening Classics Music Alive Day’s End 1:30 Mitre 10 Cup (RPL) Steve McQueen MLS 2018 Drama. MLC PG 3:30 Gallagher – Auckland v Waikato. Leicester v Gloucester. Semi-final One 3:59 The Travis Fimmel, Rachael Taylor. Joe Thomas, PG 11:04 12:04 5am Premiershi­p Mitre 10 Cup Nashville Babylon All Night Programme First Up (RPL) Festival 16LSC 2019 Comedy. 5:30 MLC 5:34 RNZ Concert’s musical nightcap. Anna (HLS) Jemaine Clement. Sasha Luss, Luke Evans. 16VLSC 2018 Motorbike Cops Dog Almighty Midnight Music Through The Night – Otago v Northland. 8pm on TVNZ 1 7:30pm on TVNZ 2 Action. PG metservice.com | Compiled by Key: Classifica­tions: Closed Captions; Maori language; Repeat; Highlights; Replay; Delayed. Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; Adults only; Content may offend; Language may offend; Suitable for mature audiences; Parental guidance recommende­d for young viewers; Sexual content may offend; Contains violence. HLS RPL DLY 16/18 AO C L M PG/PGR S V 23Nov20 0 2 3 Dunedin Careers Night Join us to find out all you need to know! Wednesday 7:30PM 25th November Harcourts Dunedin Office 16 Queens Gardens, Central City Highland Real Estate Group Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008