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Real gamechang­ers never feel the need to an­nounce them­selves, their work does that for them nicely. In fact, many of the peo­ple on our pages in this is­sue sec­ond guessed our choices. “Sure ka nga ako?,” many of them cho­rused.

But yes, sure kaayo ko. In as di­verse a se­lec­tion as we could muster, we’ve gath­ered Cebu’s mav­er­ick, her think out-of-the-box­ers, her rebels (for the game is al­ways changed with a re­sis­tance to the norm, yes?). And in the course of writ­ing these sto­ries, and pho­tograph­ing them in their el­e­ment (and of­ten out­side of it), we’ve also man­aged to see a com­mon thread that binds them. Our gamechang­ers ac­com­plish the of­ten Her­culean task of in­tro­duc­ing par­a­digm shifts by no im­po­si­tion of their own, but by clearly danc­ing to their own beats.

Here are the sto­ries of a mold-breaker who bears the name of a 110-year-old cookie em­pire; a mav­er­ick in gov­ern­ment ser­vice; a choco­late ad­vo­cate who is mov­ing tablea into the fu­ture by steep­ing it in the past. Are you ready for some rebel-ry? Jude A. Ba­calso

Cebu Liv­ing Editor at Large

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