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Real gamechange­rs never feel the need to announce themselves, their work does that for them nicely. In fact, many of the people on our pages in this issue second guessed our choices. “Sure ka nga ako?,” many of them chorused.

But yes, sure kaayo ko. In as diverse a selection as we could muster, we’ve gathered Cebu’s maverick, her think out-of-the-boxers, her rebels (for the game is always changed with a resistance to the norm, yes?). And in the course of writing these stories, and photograph­ing them in their element (and often outside of it), we’ve also managed to see a common thread that binds them. Our gamechange­rs accomplish the often Herculean task of introducin­g paradigm shifts by no imposition of their own, but by clearly dancing to their own beats.

Here are the stories of a mold-breaker who bears the name of a 110-year-old cookie empire; a maverick in government service; a chocolate advocate who is moving tablea into the future by steeping it in the past. Are you ready for some rebel-ry? Jude A. Bacalso

Cebu Living Editor at Large

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