SWD’s Du P­les­sis hits WP for a six

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South We­stern Dis­tricts on Sa­tur­day pul­led off a bril­li­ant 147-run vic­to­ry a­gainst We­stern Pro­vin­ce in the C­ric­ket South A­fri­ca Pro­vin­ci­al Three-Day com­pe­ti­ti­on.

This vic­to­ry is wit­hout a doubt one of the be­st and most cli­ni­cal per­for­man­ces by SWD.

SWD, who won the toss and e­lected to bat first, pos­ted 220 (all out) af­ter on­ly three bats­men ma­na­ged to sco­re dou­ble fi­gu­res, but all three sco­red half-cen­tu­ries - Je­an du P­les­sis (63), O­bus Pie­naar (50) and Yam­ke­la O­lip­hant (69*).

The vi­si­tors re­spon­ded with 229 (all out), thanks to a gut­sy cen­tu­ry by the ex­pe­rien­ced Qaas­im A­dams (108; 198 balls, 9x4), which ga­ve them a le­ad of ni­ne runs.

The wic­ket ta­kers for SWD we­re Brad­ley de Vil­liers (3/52), Hers­hell A­me­ri­ca (4/43) and T­se­po Nd­wand­wa (3/58).

The tur­ning point in the ma­tch was in SWD’s se­cond in­nings, with the high­lig­ht a bril­li­ant mai­den first-class cen­tu­ry by the 19-y­e­ar-old Je­an du P­les­sis. It was an im­pres­si­ve in­ning by the SA U19 hero, who pos­ted an un­be­a­ten 116* from 181 balls (1x6, 12x4).

He was in­vol­ved in an un­be­a­ten part­ners­hip of 118 runs for the fourth wic­ket with B­ren­don Louw, who ma­de 50 (not out). Ki­r­win Chris­tof­fels im­pres­sed with 71 and O­bus Pie­naar con­tri­bu­ted a va­lu­a­ble 42.

We­stern Pro­vin­ce, who we­re set a tar­get of 320 (in 87 o­vers), we­re dis­mis­sed for 172, thanks to a cli­ni­cal bo­w­ling and fiel­ding per­for­man­ce by SWD.

An­dré Malan (43) and Qaas­im A­dams (45) we­re the on­ly bats­men who of­fe­red re­sis­tan­ce.

A­me­ri­ca (3/22), Nd­wand­wa (2/48) and Pie­naar (2/25) we­re the main wic­ket-ta­kers, but the e­co­no­mi­cal bo­w­ling per­for­man­ce by Brad­ley de Vil­liers (1/17 in 14 o­vers) de­ser­ves re­cog­ni­ti­on.

This vic­to­ry broug­ht an end to SWD’s lon­ge­st span wit­hout a vic­to­ry in a fir­st­class ma­tch, the pre­vi­ous one being o­ver the wee­kend of 17 to 19 No­vem­ber 2016, w­hen SWD de­fe­a­ted K­waZu­lu-Na­tal by six wic­kets in Oudts­hoorn.

On­ly four play­ers of the te­am - Neil Horn­buckle, B­ren­don Louw, Mar­cel­lo Piedt and Neil Horn­buckle - play­ed in that ma­tch.

The sum­ma­ri­sed sco­re­card:

SWD vs We­stern Pro­vin­ce


First in­nings 220 (Yam­ke­la O­li­fant 69, O­bus Pie­naar 50, Je­an Du P­les­sis 63, M­pi­lo N­jo­lo­za 3/34, And­re Malan 3/42, Ju­naid Da­wood 3/45). Se­cond in­nings 328/3 de­cla­red (Je­an du P­les­sis 116*, Ker­win Chrisof­fels 71, B­ren­don Louw 50*, O­bus Pie­naar 42, Let­lot­le Se­se­le 29).

We­stern Pro­vin­ce

First in­nings 229 (Qaas­im A­dams 108, Mat­thew K­lein­veldt 26, Jus­tin Dill 24, Hers­hel­le A­me­ri­ca 4/43, T­se­po Nd­wand­wa 3/58, Brad­ley De Vil­liers 3/52).

Se­cond in­nings 172 (Qaas­im A­dams 45, An­dré Malan 43, M­pi­lo N­jo­lo­za 22, Hers­hel A­me­ri­ca 3/22, O­bus Pie­naar 2/25, T­se­po Nd­wand­wa 2/48)

SWD won by 147 runs.

The vic­to­ri­ous SWD te­am in the dres­sing room af­ter their vic­to­ry. Front: Mar­co de Kock, O­bus Pie­naar, Brad­ley de Vil­liers, Yam­ke­la O­lip­hant, Da­niel Seha and Ki­r­win Chris­tof­fels. Back: Je­an du P­les­sis, Hers­hell A­me­ri­ca, S­te­fan Tait, Neil Horn­buckle, Mt­ho­be­li Ban­gin­da­wo, Let­lot­le Se­se­le (cap­tain), T­se­po Nd­wand­wa, Baak­ier A­bra­hams (he­ad co­ach), B­ren­don Louw and Mar­cel­lo Piedt.

P­ho­to: Ri­chard Hug­gard/Gal­lo I­ma­ges

Je­an du P­les­sis, the SWD hero a­gainst WP.

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