Oudtshoorn Courant

Thank you Graaff-Reinet!


Margie Parks, Graaff-Reinet Cancer Associatio­n

The Graaff-Reinet Cancer Associatio­n would like to thank all those who recently responded to our letter of appeal and made anonymous donations towards the work amongst the cancer patients of Graaff-Reinet and district, especially in these Covid days where fundraisin­g has not been able to happen as usual.

Thank you for supporting us and being so caring, kind and mindful of them during this time.

It is greatly appreciate­d. I can assure you that all funds will be used to help our local patients at their point of need, be it with travelling and accommodat­ion costs, meals, supplement­ary foods, clothing, bedding or just an uplifting bunch of flowers.

We appreciate these donations and truly hope you get to read this letter as we have no other way of thanking you.

With much love.

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