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Served with spookasem, sea­weed-and-sea salt choco­lates, and nougat on Eike’s dessert trol­ley, this fudge de­serves a place in the canon of great South African flavours.

The ad­di­tion of macadamia nuts was in­spired by the nut farms of Nel­spruit, where both Ber­tus and Mareli grew up.

Makes 8 to 12 pieces EASY

GREAT VALUE Prepa­ra­tion: 20 min­utes Cooking: 15 min­utes

caster su­gar 450 g cream 1½ cups, plus 2 T but­ter 50 g liq­uid glu­cose 30 g vanilla paste 1T salt a pinch white choco­late 120 g macadamia nuts 80 g

1 Line a 15 x 15 x 5 cm tray with cling­wrap. 2 Bring the caster su­gar, cream, but­ter and glu­cose to a boil un­til it reaches 116°C on a su­gar ther­mome­ter. 3 Add the salt and re­move from the heat. 4 Place the white choco­late in a bowl and pour over the hot mix­ture. The choco­late will melt. Stir through the macadamia nuts. 5 Pour the mix­ture into the tray and al­low to set. WHEAT- AND GLUTEN-FREE

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