Make a salmo­nand-beet­root wreath the day be­fore

Woolworths TASTE - - Christmas Lunch 2018 -

This is a light and im­pres­sive-look­ing starter, and the flavours work well with the cit­rus salad on page 29.


Serves 6


Prepa­ra­tion: 15 min­utes, plus 2 hours’ cur­ing time

Cook­ing: 30 min­utes

beet­root 2, finely grated coarse salt 200 g sugar 50 g salmon side 1 x 800 g

For the ca­per gribiche: veg­etable oil ½ cup large ca­pers 100 g mild dill gherkins 100 g, diced whole­grain mus­tard 4T olive oil 4T

Ital­ian pars­ley 15 g, chopped sea salt, to taste

1 Com­bine the beet­root, salt and sugar to make a cure. 2 Cover the salmon in the cure, al­low to stand for 2 hours, then gen­tly rinse off the cure. 3 To make the ca­per gribiche, heat the veg­etable oil

in a small saucepan over a medium heat.

4 Drain the ca­pers and press them be­tween kitchen pa­per to re­move all ex­cess liq­uid and open them slightly.

5 Once the oil is hot, drop in the ca­pers and fry un­til they stop bub­bling. Drain on kitchen pa­per. 6 Com­bine the gherkins, mus­tard, olive oil, ca­pers (re­serve some to gar­nish) and pars­ley, then sea­son to taste. 7 Us­ing a very sharp knife, slice the salmon into thin sliv­ers, against the grain of the fil­let. 8 To serve, use the sliv­ers of salmon to make a wreath, gar­nish with the gribiche and some ca­pers.

Cook’s note: If the ca­pers burn be­fore they go crispy, take the oil off the heat and fry at a lower tem­per­a­ture. CARB-CON­SCIOUS, DAIRY-FREE, WHEAT- AND GLUTEN-FREE

WINE: Wool­worths Del­heim Shi­raz Pino­tage Rosé 2018

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