We’ve all made a mess of the gravy at one time or an­other. If yours is look­ing like dish­wa­ter, don’t panic, it can be sal­vaged. Here’s how

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If you have 1 hour: Sim­mer gen­tly over a mod­er­ate heat, which will con­cen­trate the flavour.

If you have 30 min­utes: Brown an­other roux and whisk your too-thin gravy into that. About 1 T each but­ter and flour will thicken 1 cup stock.

If you have 10 min­utes: Work

2 T room-tem­per­a­ture but­ter into an equal vol­ume of flour un­til it forms a smooth paste. Whisk into the gravy a lit­tle at a time, let­ting the gravy boil gen­tly be­tween ad­di­tions, un­til thick­ened.

If you have 1 minute: Mix 1 T each corn­flour and wa­ter to form a smooth liq­uid. Whisk into the gravy and boil a few sec­onds to ac­ti­vate the starch. Re­peat as re­quired.

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