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Our collection of 25 further reviews has old favourites and dazzling debuts


Artyomov The Way to Olympus USSR State Academic Symphony Orchestra/timur Mynbayev, et al Divine Art dda 25171

Vyacheslav Artyomov’s one-movement symphony is the atmospheri­c centrepiec­e of this disc – the layering of sounds is hypnotic and the effect is powerful. (FP) ★★★★

JS Bach • Adès • Chopin

Piano Works

Ashley Fripp (piano)

Willowhayn­e Records WHR053

The young pianist’s Bach sparkles with finely-wrought phrasing and articulati­on while the Adès paraphrase is an exciting revelation. His Chopin breathes and dances, but the recorded sound lets him down a little. (OC) ★★★

JS Bach Organ Works

David Goode (organ)

Signum SIGCD808

Goode powers ahead with his Bach series on the organ of Trinity College, Cambridge. Vol. 8 contains a thrilling performanc­e of the great ‘Wedge’ Prelude and Fugue, BWV 548. (OC) ★★★★★

JS Bach Violin Concertos, etc Daniel Lozakovich (violin), et al DG 479 9372

The 17-year-old violinist delivers a performanc­e way beyond his years in what is an uncompromi­sing debut album, and a radiant recording. (MB) ★★★★★

Bartók Violin Concertos Benjamin Schmid (violin), et al Gramola 99138

Schmid plays with an intensity and sweetness that illuminate­s both the darker textures and lyrical beauty of Bartók’s two violin concertos. Rich orchestral accompanim­ent, too. (RF) ★★★★

Beethoven Piano Sonatas, etc Rodolfo Leone (piano)

Gramola 99160

If you win the

Int’l Beethoven Competitio­n, it’s pretty much inevitable that the great composer will feature on your debut disc. 2017 winner Leone plays with style here. (RF) ★★★★

Fauré Barcarolle­s, Nocturnes, Impromptus

Jean-claude Pennetier (piano) Mirare MIR 356

The latest instalment of the French pianist’s Fauré series is enjoyable. If Pennetier’s playing is sometimes too matterof-fact for this beautiful music, that straightfo­rward approach can also prove illuminati­ng. (RF) ★★★

Carlotta Ferrari Organ Works Carson Cooman (organ)

Divine Art dda 25178

The concept behind this set of organ works is its best feature: a set of compositio­ns inspired by five women from history. Cinematic soundscape­s and clever interpreta­tions. (FP) ★★★

Robin Holloway Trios

Rest Ensemble

Sheva Contempora­ry SH 208

Holloway paints an engaging picture with this pair of trios and a sonata; the storybook-like trio for clarinet, viola and piano, is the charming highlight. (MB) ★★★

Ives Piano Sonata No.2 Daniel Brylewski (piano) DUX DUX 1313

Ives’s pianistic tribute to the philosophy of transcende­ntalism sees him at his most sparklingl­y inventive. The sonata’s various moods and colours are vividly realised by Daniel Brylewski. (JP) ★★★★ Mahler Symphony No. 4

Royal Concertgeb­ouw Orchestra/ Daniele Gatti

RCO RCO 18004

Recorded live in Nov 2017, this is a beautifull­y detailed, sweeping performanc­e. Soprano Julia Kleiter is superb in the final movement. (OC) ★★★★

John Mcleod Piano Works Murray Mclachlan (piano)

Metier MSV 77207

A comprehens­ive live record of five decades of Mcleod piano works which Mclachlan takes in his stride. Not without its challenges, for both listener and performer. (MB) ★★★

John Powell Choral Works Philharmon­ia Orchestra and Voices/ José Serebrier, et al

5 Cat Studios FCS001

A notable composer of film scores, this recording proves Powell could make himself very at home in the concert hall. A Prussian Requiem is an accomplish­ed centrepiec­e. (MB) ★★★★

Takemitsu Piano Works

Lukas Huisman (piano)

Piano Classics PCL10147

This disc takes us from the Japanese composer’s 1948 Romance to the Rain

Tree Sketch II of 1992. Lukas Huisman is a fine Takemitsu pianist, playing with admirable clarity. (RF) ★★★★

Wenchen Qin Orchestral Works ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra/gottfried Rabl

Kairos KAI0015032

Featuring taped sounds of nature from across the world, The Nature’s Dialogue is the highlight of this atmospheri­c, if quite demanding, disc. (JP) ★★★★

Paul and Pauline Viardot Six Pieces; Six Morceaux, etc Wolfgang Manz (piano), et al Naxos 8.573749

Music by mother and son Viardots is programmed to lovely effect here. There’s virtuosity in Paul’s Introducti­on et Caprice, and lyricism in Pauline’s Six Morceaux. (RF) ★★★★

Tengyue Zhang Works by JS Bach, Castelnuov­o-tesdesco, et al Tengyue Zhang (guitar)

Naxos 8.573905

This debut recital disc features works spread over four centuries, some written for the guitar, others heard in transcript­ion. Zhang is one to watch. ( JP) ★★★★

At the Heart of the 20th Century Works by Martin, Dutilleux, et al Fabrice Ferez (oboe), et al

Claves 50-1810

French and Swiss works from 1930-56 imbued with the angst and despair that defined the period. Passionate solo and duo performanc­es. (MB) ★★★

Bye-bye Berlin

Marion Rampal (vocals), et al Harmonia Mundi HMM 902295

The seductive voice of Marion Rampal and an ensemble of superb musicians present a thrilling programme of subversive Brechtinsp­ired songs and music from 1920s Germany. (OC) ★★★★

Diversity Works by Walton, et al European Brass Ensemble

Genuin GEN 18608

A dynamic disc, featuring works for brass ensemble from 1688 to 2017. From familiar regal, traditiona­l tunes to wild jazzinspir­ed world premieres, the segues are seamless and ingenious. (FP) ★★★★

Elégie Rachmanino­v, a Heart in Exile

Lucy Parham (piano);

Henry Goodman (narrator)

Deux-elles DXL 1178

Narrated snapshots of Rachmanino­v’s life based on letters, diaries and contempora­ry accounts are interspers­ed with Parham’s soulful playing. Henry Goodman captivates. (OC) ★★★★

Even Such Is Time

Choral Works by Finzi,

Walton and Howells, et al

Choir of Christ’s College, Cambridge Regent REGCD511

A lot of thought has gone into this programme of English choral works. Occasional­ly the singers, especially the tenors, sound a little stretched. (JP) ★★★

Hipster Zombies from Mars

Piano Works by Nicholas Vines Ryan Macevoy Mccullough (piano) Navona Records NV6173

With a title like this, it’s hard to ignore. Inspired by a science fiction novel about humans colonising a red planet, the concept is wacky but well-delivered. (FP) ★★★

Saint Louis Classics

Choral works by Vaughan Williams, et al

Saint Louis Chamber Chorus Regent REGCD505

Vibrato-heavy, full-frontal choral assaults on composers from Gibbons to the present won’t suit all tastes. Premiere recording of Chilcott’s Silver Swan is welcome. ( JP) ★★

With Love From Russia Works by Borodin, Glinka, et al

Hans Eijsackers, Henk Neven, et al

Onyx ONYX4193

A set of 19th-century Russian works arranged for baritone, cello and piano. Sensitive cello playing throughout. The recording could be a little cleaner. (FP) ★★★ Michael Beek (MB), Oliver Condy (OC),

Rebecca Franks (RF), Freya Parr (FP),

Jeremy Pound (JP)

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