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Tesla’s triumph with ravishing Ravel

Julian Haylock applauds an outstandin­g debut by a rising string quartet


Haydn • Ravel • Stravinsky

Haydn: String Quartet in C, Op. 54 No. 2; Ravel: String Quartet in F; Menuet sur le nom d’haydn

(arr. Snyder); Menuet antique

(arr. Snyder); Menuet in C sharp minor (arr. Snyder); Stravinsky: Concertino Tesla Quartet

Orchid Classics


63:02 mins

The Tesla prove equally persuasive in Ravel and Haydn

Ravel’s tantalisin­g stylistic conf luence of ancient and modern comes bubbling to the surface in the Tesla Quartet’s captivatin­g account of his only String Quartet. Whilst lacking nothing in espressivo intensity and Gallic charm – those magical opening phrases are experience­d as a series of tender musical pulsations – the Tesla ensure that Ravel’s flights of textural ingenuity are also subtly highlighte­d. Everything appears to emerge from a heat-haze, with plenty of f lesh on the Assez vif ’s pizzicatos, exquisite tremolando­s that insinuate the pictorial and a slight cushioning of the finale’s more eruptive climaxes, captured in exemplary sound by technical dream-team Andrew Keener and Simon Eadon. Providing the icing on the cake are three Ravel minuet bonuses, expertly arranged by the quartet’s leader Ross Snyder.

The Tesla prove equally persuasive in the second of Haydn’s Op. 54 quartets, successful­ly avoiding the potential interpreta­tive pitfalls of overprojec­ting Haydn’s avuncular creative personalit­y or falling back on allpurpose, neat-and-tidy classicism. Everything appears to evolve naturally out of what has gone before with a radiant warmth and affection that proves increasing­ly contagious on repeated listening. They even appear to have found a way of making the motoric impulses of Stravinsky’s 1920 Concertino sound imposingly congenial. An outstandin­g recording debut.



 ??  ?? Shimmering stuff: the Tesla Quartet triumph in their first recording
Shimmering stuff: the Tesla Quartet triumph in their first recording
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