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- Crossword set by Paul Henderson

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8 Quickly review melodic embellishm­ent? Done (3,4) 9 Composer not initially angry in Italy (7) 11 Canny Lontano including this material (5) 12/2d Alienating aria ill played in work by 9 (9,2,6) 13 Sustain notes too much? That’ll have Ravel upset with dope (9) 14 Stopped overlookin­g bass, like many opera stages? (5) 16 Things of interest to Elgar, perhaps, represente­d in games (7) 18 Tutor a pain during a lot of college period (7) 20 Alto tucking into a drink once more (5) 22 French conductor I know is worried about Gluck’s finale, following source of music (9) 24 Wordless song with bell? A great performanc­e (9) 25 Watching finales of the many concerti in Salzburg (5) 26/27 Work by 9 in deal with London gala, exceptiona­lly (2,5,3,4)


1 Possibly arranged to include old piano in different musical genre (5,5) 2 See 12 across 3 Dodgy venue quietly put on level (4,2) 4 Performing Rights Society about to avoid piano pieces? (8) 5 Opera heroine , good and tense, appearing in dance (6) 6 Person of pastoral origin receiving Beethoven’s agreement to take over (6) 7 Opera-singer needing help keeping volume rising (4) 10 Failing to complete single opera extract in sunrooms (7) 15 Hurrying to Northern Summer Music School (10) 17 Large house is set up with opera heroine around (7) 18 Work by 9: dancer involved with it? (8) 19 Source of treatment: harp, initially – it also unexpected­ly accepts piano (8) 21 Room in a successor’s opera for work by 9 (6) 22 Magazine raised something illuminati­ng regarding Liszt’s music (6) 23 Work by 9 to have an effect between Rings (6) 24 Introducti­ons to Hawaii usually laud a local dance (4)

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