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- Crossword set by Paul Henderson

The first correct solution of our crossword picked at random will win a copy of The Oxford Companion to Music. A runnerup will win Who Knew? Answers to Questions about Classical Music (both available at Send answers to: BBC Music Magazine, Crossword 329/Jan, PO Box 501, Leicester, LE94 0AA to arrive by 24 Jan 2019 (solution in April 2019 issue).


6 Note aria, broadcast, is

supplying air (8)

8 Change soprano, getting a

magical woman? (6)

10 Host offering first and last of

music? (5)

11 Listen in on Verdi operas,

possibly? I run from that (9)

13 Success with arrangemen­t of 19, musical work back at the right speed (2,2,5)

14 Start of piece in the Royal Opera,

initially (5)

15 Sing air for Cilla, possibly: Beach

Boys hit (10,5)

18 Swedish composer in French

novel (5)

20 Segregate unusual item on

DVD? (6,3)

23 Jazz trumpeter broadcast on telly, clutching both ends of trumpet (9)

24 ‘Bis!’ – tenor beginning to

withhold reserve (5)

25 Publishing house perhaps rejected the French – the end for Bizet? (6)

26 Awkward sharp note avoided by

a G&S character (8)


1 French composer hit hard, needing water in Paris (6) 2 Location of Weill’s scene showing plant set in stone (6)

3 Curtailed tremolo – wonder about grace note (5,7)

4 Dancing to rock’n’roll, sibling almost encountere­d British pop singer (8)

5 Expert amongst those people beginning to support music festival (3,5)

7 Performanc­e subsequent­ly picked up, involving contralto and I (7)

9 What may predict a rise in some concerto rating (5)

12 Atonal vision conjured up in piece of chamber music (6,6)

15 Vehicle with badly working bells (8)

16 Fellow hung around, not having left annotated score (8) 17 Schumann symphony having right woman overlookin­g his working (7)

19 Repeated theme endlessly used around English choral piece (5)

21 What occupies basses?

The ravishing Handel oratorio (6) 22 English composer showing envy over Spain (6)

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