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The Violinist’s View Daniel Hope on Spring


Whether or not Vivaldi himself wrote them, I’m fascinated by the sonnets that precede each of The Four Seasons. Spring is this announceme­nt that the new season is upon us, as the birds and all kinds of nature join in this huge celebratio­n. For me, performing it is all about correlatin­g all the images that you have in your mind with the technical challenges that Vivaldi gives you. There’s so much going on – from the sleeping goatherd with the dog barking to the bagpipes and dancing nymphs – and it’s all a bit of a raucous romp. The danger is that you come crashing too fast out of the starting gate. It’s all about pacing yourself and trying to keep a level head. Spring is the Season that had the biggest effect on me as a child, because of those trills that are so suggestive of birdsong. I remember hearing Yehudi Menuhin playing it, and it really stayed with me.

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