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Naim Uniti Star £3,499


I’m a huge fan of Naim – the Muso and Uniti ranges blend audiophile sound quality, connectivi­ty and beautiful design – and it was a sad day for me when my Naim Uniti review sample was returned to the company.

If you still have a large CD collection but also love streaming, the Uniti Star is virtually perfect. You just need to add speakers. The CD player sounds terrific – the Class A/B amplifier offers 70W per channel – and if you plug in a USB drive or dongle you can rip any

CD. BBC Music Magazine’s December cover CD of Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time sounded precise, detailed and dynamic, balanced beautifull­y between all four instrument­s. A rare treat.

As for streaming, you’ve got the lot, and I’d expect nothing less for the price: Apple Airplay, Chromecast, Bluetooth aptx, Spotify Connect and Tidal, plus it’s UPNP compliant so you can play from a network storage drive. It doesn’t have a DAB/FM radio, but you can stream those channels, so that isn’t a disaster.

 ??  ?? Just connect:The Naim Uniti covers its bases brilliantl­y
Just connect:The Naim Uniti covers its bases brilliantl­y

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