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Blue­tooth Stream­ing wire­lessly is con­ve­nient, but far from hi-res, although you can im­prove au­dio qual­ity by look­ing for aptx which plays at 16-bit/44.1khz and is com­pa­ra­ble to CD qual­ity. Aptx HD is the next step and will be­come pop­u­lar over the next few years, boast­ing hi-res 24-bit/48khz, which is bet­ter than CD qual­ity.

Setup All but the most ba­sic turnta­bles re­quire ini­tial tweak­ing. You’ll need to ad­just the coun­ter­weight to avoid skip­ping or un­nec­es­sary wear on your record. Some turnta­bles come with a track­ing force gauge – a see-saw scale to bal­ance the nee­dle on. If not, they only cost a few pounds.

Phono stage Turnta­bles with built-in phonos­tage can be plugged di­rectly into an am­pli­fier or streamed to speak­ers/headphones. With­out one, you’ll need a sep­a­rate phono pre-amp be­tween it and the am­pli­fier.

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