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Bluetooth Streaming wirelessly is convenient, but far from hi-res, although you can improve audio quality by looking for aptx which plays at 16-bit/44.1khz and is comparable to CD quality. Aptx HD is the next step and will become popular over the next few years, boasting hi-res 24-bit/48khz, which is better than CD quality.

Setup All but the most basic turntables require initial tweaking. You’ll need to adjust the counterwei­ght to avoid skipping or unnecessar­y wear on your record. Some turntables come with a tracking force gauge – a see-saw scale to balance the needle on. If not, they only cost a few pounds.

Phono stage Turntables with built-in phonostage can be plugged directly into an amplifier or streamed to speakers/headphones. Without one, you’ll need a separate phono pre-amp between it and the amplifier.

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