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Five must-hear recordings

Rachmanino­v Symphony No. 2 Lso/andré Previn

Warner Classics 0852892 Previn put the original, uncut version of this thenneglec­ted symphony firmly back on the map.

André Previn conducts Vaughan Williams

Soloists, Lso/andré Previn

RCA 8887512695­2 (download) The interpreta­tions here cast refreshing new light on this great cycle.

Previn Violin Concerto ‘Anne-sophie’ Anne-sophie Mutter (violin), Boston Symphony Orchestra/andré Previn

DG E4745002

A major statement from the composer-conductor’s later years, performed with warmth and firepower by its dedicatee.

Walton Symphony No. 1 Lso/andré Previn

Sony G010004009­424W (download only)

Previn’s first recording of this symphony remains remarkable for its crackling rhythmic energy and drive.

Gershwin Rhapsody In Blue; Piano Concerto

André Previn (piano), LSO

Warner Classics 2435668912

A definitive display of Previn’s keyboard skills, deftly catching the music’s lyrical inventiven­ess and improvisat­ory streak.

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