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Stockhause­n’s style


Micro-macro Stockhause­n set out to create a unified music – the tiniest detail related to the whole. His search took him from scientific rationalis­m to visionary mysticism, through strict and open forms, all founded on a serialism forged in the creative heat of postwar Germany. Space and time In the 1950s, new technology expanded sonic horizons, helping Stockhause­n to explore musical space as well as time. ‘The directions and speeds of the sounds are as important as the pitches and the durations’, he declared.

Pointism to super formula

Stockhause­n continuall­y shattered musical boundaries, composing in a dazzling array of styles, from the ‘pointism’ of Punkte (1952) to the ‘super formula’ of LICHT (19772002) and beyond.

Cosmic communicat­ion Radio shaped Stockhause­n’s early thinking as a conduit for communicat­ion. Deep-rooted in music as vibration, hence tactile and physical, he saw himself as a bridge between human and divine. Potty to some, prophetic to others, LICHT encapsulat­ed his vast psycho-spiritual ambition.

 ??  ?? Forward thinking: Stockhause­n in 1971
Forward thinking: Stockhause­n in 1971

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