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- by Geoff Brown

Antheil Sonatas for Violin and Piano Nos 1-4

Avi 8553239 (2017) 78:49 mins

Suitably physical performanc­es by Alessandro Fagiuoli and Alessia Toffani as they hammer and scratch through disconcert­ing sonatas by the musical futurist Antheil. Heard singly, they’re fascinatin­g; in bulk, exhausting. ★★★

Dodgson Piano Trios & Bagatelles

Claudio CC5257-2 (2002) 63:50 mins

Quick-witted, pungent, fanciful: just the intriguing music a distant relative of Lewis Carroll with a love of Janácˇek might have written. Persuasive performanc­es from the Bernard Roberts Piano Trio. ★★★

Poulenc Chamber music

Indésens INDE114 (2009) 105:09 mins (2 discs) Insoucianc­e, melancholy and French charm bubble out of the ten sonatas, trios and whatnots superbly played by Orchestre de Paris musicians and pianist Claire Désert. A vivid recording, too. ★★★★

Rachmanino­v Cello Sonata; Prokofiev Cello Sonata; Popper Dance of the Elves

Alto ALC 1373 (1950-61) 76:07 mins

The heartfelt glow of Mstislav Rostropovi­ch’s cello is the dominant virtue in these passionate performanc­es with Sviatostav Richter or Lev Oborin as pianists. Recording quality varies, but not the music’s. ★★★★

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