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Our Classical Century


This month we come to the end of a landmark year-long season of classical music across BBC TV, looking back on the standout musical moments from the past century.

Singer Alexandra Burke joins Suzy Klein to explore how classical and popular music have collided in the last 20 years, aided by the influence of new technologi­es.

Historian Lucy Worsley celebrates Queen Victoria’s 200th birthday this month, with a documentar­y looking into how music played a part in the Queen’s personal life with Prince Albert and the cultural developmen­ts that took place in Britain during her reign.

Tom Service hosts this month’s discovery concert, which is centred around Kaija Saariaho’s explosive 1994 Violin Concerto Graal Thé tre. The BBC Philharmon­ic will perform under Ludovic Morlot, with Service discussing the work’s background and how Saariaho took inspiratio­n from medieval tales in Arthurian legend.

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 ??  ?? V for Victoria: Lucy Worsley
V for Victoria: Lucy Worsley

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