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The BBC Music Magazine PRIZE CROSSWORD NO. 359

- Crossword set by Paul Henderson

The first correct solution of our crossword picked at random will win a copy of The Oxford Companion to Music. A runnerup will win Who Knew? Answers to Questions about Classical Music (see Send answers to: BBC Music Magazine, Crossword 359/May, PO Box 501, Leicester, LE94 0AA to arrive by 13 May 2021 (solution in August issue).


1 Exposed pieces, whichever way

you look at them (5)

4 Start of score recalled my arrangemen­t of Chopin? It’s like much orchestral music (9)

9 Dance step, each dancing with

very quiet energy (7)

10 I love participat­ing in version of Mahler, endless rhythmic ambiguity (7)

11 Provider of wind music got all

excited with fee (9)

12 British composer left amongst a

great many people (5)

13 Is including a couple of notes

in bars? (4)

14 First violin audibly excluded by

Glenn Miller? (10)

18 Harsh sort of pop music – tirade

about origin of dissonance (10) 20 Singer enjoys the sun, after putting

out work by Mozart? (4)

23 See 22 down

24 See 6 down

25 Broadcaste­r recalled period sources

of true European Romanticis­m (7) 26 Piano finale with a new twist,

ultimately something hanging (7) 27 Hint of really significan­t figure in increasing­ly popular film composer (9)

28 Leading performer carrying one

stringed instrument (5)


1 Is upset, say, with mate ignoring

note for Wagner opera (9)

2 Queen supporting the French

woman, a Wagner soprano (7) 3 Chamber group set to bring in

recording on time (6)

4 Lead’s bent out of shape for players

on metal (5,4)

5 Expression of astonishme­nt when

seeing Fedora? (2,3)

6/24a Jazzy quizmaster playing

only the trumpet. Only? Not half (8,9) 7 Number, curious, accepting the

Parisian played jazz (7)

8 Church with skill producing list of

popular songs (5)

15 Try to get money from leading old

English composer (9)

16 Source of echoes making notes roar

possibly (9)

17 Contrite after wrecking old

instrument­s (8)

19 More theatrical dancing is great (7) 21 Bring in article on artist about

interrupti­ng Three Tenors? (7) 22/23a Horn player went wrong,

turning up intelligen­ce (6,5) 23 Guitarist to smile, clutching end

of guitar (5)

24 Slow movement offering some

spectacula­r goose-bumps (5)

Please note: Because of BBC Music Magazine’s limited office access during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there may be a delay in receiving your prize. We apologise for any inconvenie­nce caused.

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