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7 facebook.com/burtonnews MONEY BURTON MAIL TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2020 MATTERS News Brian Mole Independen­t Financial Advisers Limited How you could have a better financial future in retirement? t )BT ZPVS WJFX PG MJGF DIBOHFE EVSJOH lockdown? t %P ZPV XBOU UP FOKPZ ZPVS MJGF NPSF t )BWF ZPV QMBOT UIBU SFRVJSF FYUSB money to fund? t %P ZPV IBWF B CVDLFU MJTU PG IPMJEBZT ZPV XJTI UP FOKPZ t %P ZPV XBOU UP IFMQ ZPVS DIJMESFO financiall­y? t )BWF ZPV B NPSUHBHF JO SFUJSFNFOU ZPV XJTI UP QBZ PGG 8IBU JT &RVJUZ 3FMFBTF Equity release allows homeowners to unlock the equity in the home without having to move out. An equity release scheme is a potential retirement planning option. 8IBU DBO UIF DBTI GSPN BO &RVJUZ 3FMFBTF QMBO CF VTFE GPS The attraction of equity release is that the tax-free cash can be used for absolutely anything. Commonly the money released is used to increase disposable income, repay an existing mortgage, make home improvemen­ts and offer financial help to family members. %P * RVBMJGZ GPS &RVJUZ 3FMFBTF Those who wish to take advantage of an equity release scheme must be a homeowner, and if living with a partner, both need to be aged at least over 55 years of age at the time of applicatio­n. )PX .VDI &RVJUZ $BO * 3FMFBTF t t t Brian Mole Independen­t Financial Advisers Ltd Independen­ce House, 26-27 Bridge Street, Burton upon Trent, DE14 1SY 512252 01283 Email: support@brianmole.co.uk www.brianmole.co.uk Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Retired or retiring soon? By seeking independen­t financial advice in retirement, you will be able to better understand your options and how you can live a more comfortabl­e and enjoyable life after finishing a lifetime of work. One of those options is equity release. Equity release schemes provide a lump sum or a regular income that can make a big difference to people’s lives. Here we cover some of the most commonly asked questions: How much tax-free cash that can be released depends on several factors; an equity release calculator can give you a broad idea but there is no substitute for discussing the matter with one of our independen­t profession­al and fully qualified equity release advisers. Of course, there are many other important questions that need to be answered when considerin­g releasing cash from the home. Remember that equity release is a big step so make sure you have all your questions ready for one of our equity release specialist­s who will only be too pleased to answer them for you. At Brian Mole IFA Ltd, the Independen­t financial advisers in our Equity Release department have many years of experience helping clients new and old to find the best form of equity release for your own unique circumstan­ces. FREE initial meeting to allow you answer any questions you may have Always explain things in plain English Provide a one to one advice service Guide you through the whole equity release process, from start to finish Encourage family members to be involved t t

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