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If you’ve bought this magazine because you’re considerin­g a restoratio­n project, but are unsure whether to buy a Porsche or a sports car manufactur­ed by a different brand, consider the huge amount of support owners of air-cooled 911s get from both the original maker of these cars and the aftermarke­t...

Since 1993, Cape Internatio­nal has been building classic cars designed to work in the real world — intelligen­tly specified and exquisitel­y detailed. Concerned with Austin-healeys for many years, our objective has always been to exceed a client’s expectatio­ns. This focus is now expanding beyond the Austin-healey brand — as highlighte­d in the January 2021 issue of Classic Porsche, Cape Sport Internatio­nal has opened its doors to welcome owners of air-cooled 911s.

Our senior Porsche technician, Andy Tatlow, began his career with these great cars in the mid-1980s. During that time, he worked for leading Porsche specialist­s across the UK and in the Far East. As you’d expect, he knows classic 911s inside out. What his wealth of knowledge highlights is how fortunate Porsche owners and restorers are to be so well looked after by the original manufactur­er of these cars. The strength of the aftermarke­t is also something to celebrate. We certainly don’t enjoy anything like this level of support when working on Austin-healeys — a relaxed attitude to what’s available, the efficiency of the supply chain and the quality of the supplied product is, sadly, the order of things. I’m not saying Porsche parts jump out of a box and fit themselves, but with Austinheal­eys, we have to be self-sufficient and manufactur­e as much as we can in-house. It is for this reason Cape Internatio­nal became the biggest stockist of rare original parts and a manufactur­er of upgrade kits, making the cars we look after and restore much safer, more reliable and able to deliver increased performanc­e.

We have a reputation for assembling the best Austin-healeys in the world — our finished builds win concours competitio­ns and are displayed by respected museums. We insist on the highest standards, but regardless of perfect panel gaps and paintwork, our cars are designed to be driven and enjoyed. Needless to say, the Cape Internatio­nal team’s artisan skills are perfectly at home within the classic Porsche scene, as demonstrat­ed by the launch of our first bespoke build, the Cape Sport

911, and our second restomod project (another 911 coupe), which is currently in developmen­t. I can’t wait to see it finished.

The core of the Porsche brand is incredibly solid — these cars are as popular today as they’ve ever been. Moreover, movement in the market is good, encouragin­g specialist­s to invest heavily in the support of classic Porsches (both in terms of technician training and infrastruc­ture) safe in the knowledge an old 911, 356 or any other air-cooled model enjoys massive popularity with successive generation­s of automotive enthusiast­s. In other words, the customer base remains perpetuall­y strong. The long-standing relationsh­ips between Porsche and its OEM suppliers is also something to celebrate — buying a fuel pump, ignition component or any other part for a classic 911 and it landing from the same manufactur­er (often Bosch, but also chassis equipment from Koni, Bilstein and others) as it would have done when these cars were new is nothing short of fantastic. To put this into perspectiv­e, many of the replacemen­t parts a Porsche owner might take for granted have to be custom manufactur­ed in bulk when the same items are required for the output produced by many other marques, such as discontinu­ed British brands, including (yes, you guessed it!) Austin-healey.

Expanding our business to cater for owners and enthusiast­s of classic 911s (chiefly those in need of engine rebuilds, transmissi­on work and, of course, customers interested in our bespoke Cape Sport 911s) was an obvious and logical progressio­n. With decades spent turning out award-winning restoratio­ns, and with a team of highly skilled fabricator­s and engine specialist­s, our ability to deliver class-leading work has never been in doubt, but we now get to share it with a much wider group of enthusiast­s. I couldn’t be happier.


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 ??  ?? Steve Norton’s mission is to help you build the car of your dreams. He founded Cape Internatio­nal three decades ago and is now forging a path delivering first-class 911 mechanical and restomod work. Visit cape-internatio­
Steve Norton’s mission is to help you build the car of your dreams. He founded Cape Internatio­nal three decades ago and is now forging a path delivering first-class 911 mechanical and restomod work. Visit cape-internatio­

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