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Suitable for any two-litre flat-six engine in either road or race trim (including units fitted to the 911, 904, 906 and 908) and manufactur­ed in the UK from EN40B chromium-molybdenum nitriding steel, this superb crankshaft incorporat­es many of the 906 part’s features, including improvemen­ts in oil supply at high revs. The period Porsche two-litre crankshaft was treated to partial lightening at each end, which wasn’t particular­ly successful, but this new part from Blockley Tyre Company (the firm’s owner is an engineer who happens to be the proud custodian of a surviving 906) is lightened at the big ends, removing weight where it is most beneficial to do so. Such is the attention to detail given to all aspects of this new crankshaft’s design, many leading marque specialist­s involved in the rebuild and customisat­ion of air-cooled two-litre flat-sixes have adopted the part in place of the available Porsche item. Blockley’s crankshaft is also offered a pleasingly lower price point. Price: POA blockleyty­ or call 01386 701717

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