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Today’s accessible air-cooled classics.

- Words Dan Furr and Richard Gooding Photograph­y Dan Sherwood and Matt Woods

Accessible. Affordable. These are words many might consider outside the vernacular of those hoping to get a foot on the ladder of air-cooled Porsche ownership, but Classic Porsche is here to advise you not to fret if you think you’ve been priced out of the market. Granted, the days of being able to pick up a leggy 964 coupe for eight grand are long gone, but that’s not to say enthusiast­s coming to the marque afresh — or those who have had to wait until now to join the party — have to spend big to get hold of their dream drive.

With so many different body styles, trim options and mechanical configurat­ions across many decades of air-cooled Porsche production, there really is a decent selection of reasonably priced classics to choose from. The trouble, especially for those who are diving into the world of classic Porsche ownership for the first time, is knowing what these options are. “We’re seeing a wave of new owners coming into the classic car scene,” says Emma Airey, Head of RH Specialist Insurance. “It’s been interestin­g to see how this particular demographi­c has been buying shrewdly, seeking out lesser appreciate­d models in the interests of keeping a lid on spend.” She cites RH customers who didn’t experience the loss of work and income they predicted when the pandemic hit as being prime Porsche purchasers. “A high number of these enthusiast­s took out mortgage payment holidays or other benefits to ease their financial worries, but consequent­ly found themselves in charge of unexpected disposable income. As a summer of freedom beckons, and with the romance of classic car ownership taking hold, they’re buying vehicles at the lower end of the price spectrum in anticipati­on of a season of fun on four wheels. These owners aren’t necessaril­y club members or those who have spent time researchin­g the pros and cons of the vehicles they’re buying — they’re enthusiast­s who simply want to enjoy classic car ownership as a means of having fun, something we can all appreciate, no matter how long ago we were bitten by the bug!”

Early Boxsters and 968s are proving hugely popular, but wind Porsche’s product timeline back a few years and there are air-cooled gems currently available at relatively low cost. Yes, really! Across the following pages, we present six of the best — the sextet of Stuttgart-crested classics we reckon are sound buys for anyone wanting a piece of the action without breaking the bank. Our suggestion­s cover various flavours of classic Porsche to suit different tastes and budgets from £5k to £50k, but rest assured there’s a single theme threading them all together. Yep, it’s those two words again: accessibil­ity and affordabil­ity.


If, by the end of this magazine, you’re unsure which model is best suited to your driving style or the roads you’re likely to be travelling along, don’t hesitate to speak to marque specialist­s, especially those advertisin­g cars which may have piqued your interest. In our experience, most will be happy to discuss the thrills and spills of Porsche life with fellow enthusiast­s, regardless of whether a sale is on the cards. Ultimately, it could be a conversati­on which generates trade for them as a service provider when you do find your name on the logbook of a Porsche, so don’t hesitate to bend their ear. We all have to start somewhere, and nobody should be embarrasse­d about asking the basics.

Be sure to discuss your intended use for the car — comfort and ease of maintenanc­e may be a considerat­ion just as important as how the Porsche looks and what its performanc­e credential­s are, especially if you’re planning to enjoy plenty of seat time on long journeys or road trips. Cost of maintenanc­e can vary between models, so make sure you chat about this, too. And don’t be afraid of jumping into a left-hand drive model in a right-hand drive territory. There really are very few disadvanta­ges, but ill-informed perception keeps the cost of these cars much lower than those configured for their native territory. Whatever car you decide to buy, good luck, happy hunting and even happier motoring.

 ??  ?? Above One of our six accessible air-cooled classics, the 964 Targa can be bought as a low mileage example for as little as £35k
Above One of our six accessible air-cooled classics, the 964 Targa can be bought as a low mileage example for as little as £35k

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