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Leading detailing product manufactur­er, Meguiar’s, has been keeping planes, trains and automobile­s in pristine cosmetic condition since 1901. It’s a long and fruitful history set to continue far into the future, aided by a constantly developing portfolio offering premium products at a pleasing price point. The Meguiar’s MT320 dual action polisher is an excellent example of the brand presenting a class-leading solution to an age-old problem: how a home detailer can polish a classic Porsche’s paintwork without causing damage. With a wide speed range of 3,000-7,500 orbits per minute, the MT320’S dual action rotation makes it impossible to inflict harm on your car, allowing you to exercise faster compoundin­g and superior final polishing in total confidence. All paint types — from new to neglected — can be treated without user training, and the product’s electronic­ally adjusted digital torque management maintains operating speed at all times, regardless of applied pressure. A billet counterwei­ght ensures precision and balance, while an adjustable speed dial and ergonomica­lly advanced outer casing have been designed to deliver an unrivalled user experience. At the time of writing, the MT320 is being offered as part of a money-saving polishing kit, including the dual action polisher, a five-inch backing plate, three five-inch foam discs (cutting, polishing, finishing), three microfibre cloths, a canvas carry bag, 450ml Ultimate Compound, 473ml Ultimate Polish and 473ml Ultimate Wax — everything you need to get your Porsche’s paintwork back to its best for the long term.

Price: £355 (usual RRP £388) or call 0870 241 6696

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