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Any serious driver will tell you that being able to slow your Porsche quickly is just as important as rapid accelerati­on or high speed. Over the years, Porsche has gradually improved its braking systems to accommodat­e the ever-greater pace its cars have been able to achieve, with special attention paid to turbocharg­ed 911s. Consequent­ly, 930 brakes have been an awesome upgrade for nonturbo 911s, improving thermal capacity, pedal feel and giving incredible stopping power by way of four-piston calipers and huge 320mm (front) and 280mm (rear) discs. Fitting them, however, has often proved difficult, not least because of wheel clearance issues, limited availabili­ty from breakers and the requiremen­t for custom machining as a consequenc­e of difference­s between 930 and 911 bolt spacing. Elephant Racing’s new 930-ERX calipers eliminate these problems — no machining is required for trailing arm fitment, the bolts have the correct three-inch spacing (and radial position) to mount directly onto all 911 and 912E trailing arms (1969-1989 models only, though a kit is available to ensure fitment to earlier 911s and 912s) and cooling fins are fashioned in a low profile to avoid fouling Fuchs spokes without the need for wheel spacers. Unlike the Porsche originals, Elephant Racing’s calipers feature a modern staggered piston design ensuring even pad wear. Compatible with a standard 930 master cylinder (1977-1989 cars) or Elephant Racing’s own master cylinder kit (pre-1977 911s), this brilliant braking solution is available to order direct the from the company’s online store. Price: $2,394 per pair elephantra­ or call +1 408 297 2789

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