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If you like getting your hands dirty, it’s safe to assume you’re of the opinion an enthusiast can never have enough tools. Whether it’s a basic spanner and screwdrive­r set, ratchets, wrenches or sockets, there’s always room for more equipment in the toolbox of a Porsche buff who takes pride in self-servicing their air-cooled classic. With this in mind, leading fuel injection, ignition and carburetto­r specialist, Webcon, has announced the successor to its immensely popular Jet Drill tuning drill set. The resultant Tuner Drill Set features twenty-two precision drills, each increasing in size by 0.1mm, from 0.6mm to 3.2mm. Five of each drill is supplied, as is a double-ended pin vice. Packaged in a handy, double-latched carry case, this sensibly priced product is a fantastic addition to the arsenal of any DIY enthusiast or, it must be said, any profession­al tuner of classic Porsches. Representi­ng better value than Webcon’s earlier jet drill set, the newer kit is available to order direct from the firm’s website.

Price £47.81 or call 01932 787100

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