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With a fresh approach to clay detailing kits, car care product manufactur­er, Meguiar’s, has introduced a hybrid ceramic synthetic clay kit dispensing with the need for a clay bar. Bundled with everything you need to restore a smooth-as-glass finish and leave behind a layer of ceramic protection, the kit’s included clay pad is designed to perform like traditiona­l clay, but is easier to handle and can be used repeatedly, removing bonded-on contaminan­ts from your car’s bodywork without harming paintwork. The included Hybrid Ceramic Detailer serves as excellent clay lubricant — allowing the synthetic clay pad to glide along your Porsche’s curves with ease — and adds extra protection to the finish of your car, demonstrat­ed when water beads form over the treated surface. Bundled with a premium microfibre towel, this one-step paint protection treatment is yours for less than forty quid.

Price: £36 or call 0870 241 6696

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