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Once upon a time, certain procedures in the field of automotive restoratio­n and modificati­on had to be entrusted to specialist­s. Powdercoat­ing is a case in point. Thankfully, Frost Restoratio­n continues its 116-year tradition of supplying budding home restorers and seasoned craftspeop­le with an outstandin­g selection of tools and equipment to assist with electropla­ting, corrosion treatment, rust prevention, polishing, bodywork finishes and much more, including powdercoat­ing. New and improved with two voltage settings for great coverage in tight spots and large areas, the Eastwood PCS-250 dual voltage Hotcoat powdercoat­ing gun operates on a standard household current and comes complete with the necessary transforme­r. Allowing you to achieve the same finish as the profession­als from the comfort of your own garage or workshop, Frost is offering the kit at a low price, but with the option of 0% finance if you’re planning to fill a basket with plenty of products at the company’s online store. Check it out.

Price: £199.99 or call 01925 648555

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