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Since 1968, BF has produced seats, interior trim and upholstery for the automotive industry, including almost all famous German and Italian sports car manufactur­ers. The company is based near Turin, the heart of the Italian automotive supply chain, and is best-known for its high-quality bucket seats, as seen occupying the cabin of many Classic Porsche feature cars. All BF seats and tracks are tested according to EU guidelines and, with the exception of painting, all production steps (not limited to steelwork, padding and trimming) are carried out in-house. For owners wanting something more bespoke, however, Carbone is offering BF Torino bucket seats with custom trimming to match the host Porsche. Choose from a variety of leather and fabrics to suit your requiremen­ts. Pictured is a custom-finished BF ST rally seat, suitable for most classic Porsches and featuring belt slots for four, five and six-point harnesses. This 1970s-inspired bucket provides a low seating position, thereby offering tall drivers comfortabl­e headroom, and joins other classic BF seats, such as the Le Mans Sport (complete with folding backrest), in Carbone’s line-up of BF products trimmed to your specificat­ion.

Price: From €2,017.97 per seat or call +48 429 422 115

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