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PIE Performanc­e Tuning (PPT, the tuning arm of independen­t Porsche servicing and sales specialist, PIE Performanc­e) has produced a modern update to the 964-generation 911 ignition system. Taking the management of the air-cooled modern-classic into the digital age, the kit offers owners greater control over ignition and fuelling, replacing the restrictiv­e, old-fashioned ‘barn door’ airflow meter with a modern MAP sensor managed by intake pressures, resulting in smoother power delivery, better throttle response and eliminatio­n of low-down idle problems. The kit promises more power and torque thanks to an optimised PPT ignition map (choose between 3.6-litre and 3.8-litre engines) applied to a standalone ECU. A new intake pipe is also supplied as part of the package, working with the factory airbox to retain an OEM look in the engine bay, thereby keeping the MAP sensor and new air temperatur­e sensor out of sight. The full list of supplied parts includes a Delta 700 ECU, a direct plug-in wiring loom, MAP sensor, air temperatur­e sensor, air intake pipe, six uprated Bosch fuel injectors, a vacuum pipe, T-connector, a Canbus data connection tool and bespoke PPT ECU software. Customer support and service is provided direct by the PIE Performanc­e team. Importantl­y, kit is completely reversible, with no need for drilling or alteration of any other components in the 964 engine bay during installati­on. An optional wideband sensor and extended loom is available at additional cost.

Price: £2,994 (add £139 for wideband sensor and lead) pieperform­ or call 01787 247991

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