Classic Porsche



This low-entry, height adjustable trolley jack from Clarke is sure to be a hit with owners of classic Porsches riding on lowered suspension. Manufactur­ed from a combinatio­n of aluminium and steel with a tough blue anodised finish, this travel-friendly workshop tool is safe and simple to operate, with saddle heights offering low entry from 85mm to 356mm. A twin-piston pump ensures quick lift action, with overall weight of the jack tipping scales at 14.3kg. A rubber lifting pad is supplied to protect the underside of your Porsche, while a familiar twist valve locks the jack. Steel castors afford users easy manoeuvrab­ility, whether working in the street, on a driveway or in a garage. Visit the Machine Mart website to view the full range of Clarke workshop equipment and tooling suitable for home mechanics.

Price: £131.98 machinemar­

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