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Updating rear suspension camber curve of pre-964 911s (and the 912) to meet the needs of modern, wide, low-profile radial tyres, Elephant Racing’s adjustable spring plates deliver superior grip in turns and straightli­ne braking, as well as providing the benefit of reduced tyre wear. Replacing the troublesom­e stock eccentric adjusters, Elephant Racing’s simple double-adjusters allow settings to be dialled in with vehicle weight resting on the tyres, making it easy to read a camber/toe gauge while changing settings. Quick and easy alteration­s can even be made trackside when a camber gauge is unavailabl­e. Replacing the stock 1969-1989 spring plate blade and cover, this superb suspension solution is a direct bolt-on — no welding is required. Designed to work with torsion bars or coilovers, these adjustable spring plates are suitable for use with any standard size bushing, though Polybronze is recommende­d. Requires the splined hub portion from a set of factory adjustable spring plates or the Elephant Racing Quickchang­e Spring Plate splined hub (available separately).

Price: $2,500 per kit elephantra­ or call +1 408-297-2789

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