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British fuel system and intake product manufactur­er, Webcon, has announced the availabili­ty of its long-awaited inlet manifold sets to suit the Weber IDA3C carburetto­rs fitted to air-cooled Porsche flat-six engines. Beautifull­y crafted by Webcon in the UK, these fantastic new manifolds are 90mm tall and boast extra strengthen­ing to ensure superb performanc­e and longevity. They also feature the correct-shaped ignition plug lead holes to allow continued use of OEM plug lead grommets. Suitable for both 40IDA3C and 46IDA3C and perfectly complement­ing the genuine Spanish Weber IDA carburetto­rs recently reintroduc­ed to the Webcon product portfolio (and pictured in our image), these meticulous­ly manufactur­ed manifolds are available to order direct from the Webcon website and from appointed Webcon dealers around the world. Choose part number MW4340 for 40IDA3C, part number MW4346 for 46IDA3C.

Price: £790.80 or call 01932 787100

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