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In-line water filters have short service lives and can be an expensive way of reducing the risk of water contaminat­ion when washing your Porsche. The car care experts at Raceglaze have found great success with their innovative range of refillable heavy duty water filters, taking the form of durable 11bar pressure-tested fibreglass tanks filled with premium grade mineral absorbing resin (where other water filters make use of poor quality ‘reject’ resin). Tap water enters the tank and is forced through the resin bed under pressure, emerging on the outlet side as close to zero parts per million of dissolved solids as possible. Raceglaze claims this method of filtration eliminates the risk of unsightly – and often damaging – watermarks on paintwork, allowing you to dry panels without having to rush around your car at warp speed. A choice of 7-litre, 14-litre or 25-litre filters (producing between 400 and 1,400 litres of pure filtered water) are available to choose from, each supplied ready for you to equip with standard Hozelock-style hosepipe connectors. A handy ‘water hardness’ meter is also available to enable users to detect when their filter’s resin needs to be replaced.

Price: 7-litre filter £105, 14-litre filter £195, 25-litre £299.99 or call 01780 654065

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