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Measuring 785x540x88­0mm and presenting a tank capacity of seventy-five litres (fluid capacity of forty-five litres), this floor-standing parts washer from workshop tool manufactur­er, Clarke, is the simplest way to clean component parts covered in oil, grease and dirt. The internal pump continuous­ly circulates cleaning fluid, delivering it through a flexi-firm nozzle at high pressure. Featuring a draining tray, a small part container, a brush to help disturb dirt and a flexible link automatica­lly closing the product’s lid in the event of workshop fire, this red-finished parts washer accepts many commonly used cleaning agents and makes use of an integral, replaceabl­e water filter. An essential product for any engineerin­g workshop or enthusiast­ic home mechanic’s garage. Order from the Machine Mart website, where the product has fast become a best seller..

Price: £167.98 machinemar­ or call 0115 956 5555

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