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- CLAIRE HODGSON Editor-in-Chief

How often have you looked in the mirror and picked your body apart? Wished for more curves. For less curves. Wished for smaller boobs. Bigger boobs. A perkier butt. A smaller butt. Wished you were stronger and more muscular. Slimmer and more petite. Taller. Smaller. Thinner. Thicker. Faster. More bendy. If the answer is even once, it’s too many times. And we all have to stop.

This January, I want Cosmopolit­an to serve as a reminder that our bodies are all built differentl­y and the way we look after them needs to be different, too. There isn’t one way to be healthy, or fit, or to practise self-care. You might do yoga, you might lift weights, you might meditate, you might take long walks. You might be doing none of the above right now, because your body is tired, or your mental health isn’t great, and maybe rest is the healthiest option.

We’ve gathered a Paralympic swimmer, a rugby player, a yoga teacher, a PT, an athlete, a body-confidence activist, a boxer and a whole host of others to show you that feeling good and looking after your body isn’t a “one size fits all” thing. Because guess what? If we all ate the same and did the same workouts, we’d still look different.

I’ll let you in on a secret – one I hope our brilliant cover stars don’t mind me sharing: every single one fangirled over how gorgeous the others looked, while struggling to hear the same praise about themselves. There were debates over outfit choices, worries about that body part, pictures loved and pictures hated. Because you can be in the best shape of your life and have millions of “likes” and still have insecuriti­es. It’s called being human.

What matters is the good stuff. Your physical health and the advice of your doctor. Your mental health and listening to your body. Your happiness, the love you have for others and the love you have for yourself. So, this January, think a little less about “New Year, New You” and a little more about appreciati­ng the you that’s here right now.

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