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The science behind fashion, beauty and your mood

We’ve all felt the January blues, but can embracing a coloured eyeshadow, bright lipstick or even just a touch of tinted moisturise­r help us feel more positive? Beauty director Victoria Jowett finds out…


I’m sitting on my bed looking aimlessly at the mess of make-up strewn across the windowsill. Today is my nephew’s first birthday, and I’m 227 miles away from him (and the rest of my family, who live in Manchester). I know I’m not the only one with this feeling in the pit of my stomach. The past few months have been littered with missed moments, cancelled celebratio­ns and feelings of being “too far” from the people we love. So, whenever I get the chance, I’m all for clinging to the small things that bring me joy. It may sound a bit superficia­l, but I’m someone who has long loved the creativity of playing with make-up – swatching rainbows of eyeshadow, admiring the light as it bounces off a glitter pigment, the feel of a velvety powder crumbling under my make-up brush – it makes me happy. So, I reach for the Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette that’s been sitting on my windowsill, and start playing.

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