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Spend it like a... ob seeker

The pandemic saw Beth, 28, from Leeds, lose her job. Here’s how she’s been managing her money since



We’ve been saving for a house deposit. I was putting £200 into an ISA each month, but now it’s £20.

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Netflix and my phone bill come in at £21.98 each month, which I cover with profits from Ebay.


My skin has become stressed, so I treated myself to some Sunday Riley products using money from a holiday refund.


I live with my boyfriend and we split everything. Rent is £340 each, with bills £98. I’ve applied for council tax support and pay £29.30 now.


goes on food each month. We pay £50 each towards a big Aldi shop and have the odd takeaway.


I used to think nothing of dropping a few hundred pounds on a night out – offlimits now, obviously.

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