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“I’m drinking more in the week than ever. Help!”


If you used lockdown as a chance to clock off every day with a gin and tonic and haven’t

ditched the habit, addiction expert Dr Niall Campbell, based at the Priory Hospital Roehampton, says it’s important to be honest. “Keep a diary so you know exactly how much you’re drinking,” he advises. “Then ask, ‘Am I starting to drink earlier each day? Is it affecting my work, sleep or relationsh­ips?’” He recommends making some rules, such as no alcohol before 7pm, only having a glass with a meal, and ensuring you alternate with water or a soft drink.

Laura Jarvis, a senior developmen­t manager at The Alcohol & Drug Service, adds: “Many people increased their alcohol intake because they felt isolated, worried or had more time on their hands.” She advises drinking from a smaller glass and committing to not pouring another. “Check your alcohol’s ABV % and choose a lower alternativ­e,” she adds, pointing out that it could be beneficial to focus on other interests after work. “Get some fresh air, have a bath, read a book,” she says. Focus on how good you feel after sober activities.

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