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“It’s affecting my sleep – but I don’t want to quit”


Alcohol is bad for sleep, and will likely lead to a fitful night, says Dr Campbell. It is a diuretic, which means it encourages the body to lose extra fluid, leaving you dehydrated. Alcohol does not improve sleep quality either – it reduces rapid eye movement (REM), a restorativ­e stage of sleep. This disruption causes daytime drowsiness, poor concentrat­ion and may mean you wake long before your alarm. The solution? Reduce your alcohol intake and your sleep quality will improve. “The energy you recoup will be an incentive in itself,” Dr Campbell continues, adding that while we may think a drink before bed will help us fall asleep, it’s unlikely to keep us snoozing. The good news is that if you give up alcohol, or reduce it substantia­lly, your sleep patterns are expected to improve within a week.” ›

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