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“I’m worried about how much I’m drinking and want to stop altogether”


“The benefits of giving up alcohol are enormous,” says Dr Campbell. “If you plan to quit moderate drinking, your body will begin to clear the alcohol from your system and you can start to ‘detox’, your blood sugar will start to normalise – within a day or so – and you can look forward to the multiple advantages that not drinking will bring you.”

It’s not only your body that will benefit, he notes – ditching the drink will help you to feel more clear-headed, joyful and, hey, healthier in the bank balance department, too. Club Soda offers online courses that can help guide you through everything from a month-long break to reassessin­g your whole relationsh­ip with alcohol (Joinclubso­

But if making the decision to stop drinking altogether makes you fret, unpick those feelings, says Professor Alazawi. “There are many types of dependency on alcohol: physical, emotional, mental,” he says. “Chat with a doctor or clinician if you’re concerned.” If you’re a very heavy drinker – for instance, if you wake up experienci­ng shaking or feeling that you need a glass of something alcoholic to get through your day – medical supervisio­n may be necessary.

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