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“People have said, ‘You’re fat, you can’t be fit’”



Plus-size model and influencer Jada Sezer stresses the importance of a healthy body and mind

Her inspiring attitude has earned size-16 model Jada almost 300k followers on Instagram. She’s super fit, but says she’s often thought to be the opposite. “I grew up with the misconcept­ion that fitness meant thinness,” she explains. “Now we understand that being thin can also be unhealthy. Things have to be stable, long-lasting and feel good for you.” In 2018, Jada, along with journalist and keen runner Bryony Gordon, ran a marathon in her underwear to promote body positivity. “We wanted to show that women who have cellulite and fat on their bodies can still run at length,” the 31-year-old says. “I generally ban myself from online comments but I looked once and some said, ‘You won’t make it to the end and if you do, you’ll die.’ I’ve had people say to me, ‘You’re fat, you can’t be fit’ or ‘You must be lazy’.” Jada believes a healthy body starts with your mindset. “Mental health is a big part of physical health and I think it’s important not to separate the two – it’s a 360° holistic approach.”

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