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My best sex ever was... at a virtual orgy

For Gillian, social-distancing restrictio­ns created a new range of sexual possibilit­ies…

- Gillian is the founder of the Bare Dating app

When lockdown hit, I moved in with my partner. We have a great sex life and often invite others to join us. I’ve enjoyed threesomes, polyamorou­s relationsh­ips and attended sex parties too, sometimes hosting intimate gatherings myself.

After five weeks, my partner and I started to feel like we’d hit a sexual brick wall and missed the freedom we’d had. I messaged some like-minded friends to see what they’d been doing while restricted and one replied saying she’d heard about a group that hosted virtual orgies. Soon, we were added into a WhatsApp chat – the members were all due to attend the group’s next event.

Despite having been adventurou­s in the past, I was nervous. Would I get as turned on via a screen as I did during skin-on-skin encounters? Leading up to that Friday night, butterflie­s swirled in my stomach – then an email appeared in my inbox with a link to an online meeting room.

I showered and slipped on a black Agent Provocateu­r set under a simple black dress. My partner, in a casual shirt and trousers, poured us some wine. We had no idea what was about to appear on screen. I gulped as five other couples – some we knew, some we didn’t – came into view. The women were in slinky outfits too, and the men were handsome. Some couples were in their lounges, others in their bedrooms.

The host then introduced everyone. Others also seemed a little nervous, which helped me to relax. To get things going, we played games, taking it in turns to challenge other couples to say something naughty, tell a sexy story or perform a sexual act. Soon, we began to remove items of clothing.

I needn’t have worried about not getting turned on: watching real couples, like us, kissing then moving their hands lower made me desperate to do the same. The host took charge, deciding who’d be on screen and when.

First, she instructed another couple to take centre stage. She suggested the woman should take her boyfriend’s hard penis and slowly start licking the shaft. I found myself getting more and more turned on. I pushed closer to my partner, who was also clearly enjoying the show.

When it was our turn, we were instructed to move from kissing to oral sex. I knelt down and placed his cock in my mouth, pushing him deeper into my throat. He groaned, then pulled me back up to kiss him, before lying me down and spreading my legs. He started licking me – knowing that strangers were watching left us both panting for breath.

The host then told my partner to make me come. He pushed a toy inside me while still licking my clit. When he felt I was close, he entered me. I was so excited that I climaxed after a few strokes, then he thrusted till he came inside me.

After, we stayed on the call for a while, chatting about the experience – we all agreed we’d love to do it again. In fact, we booked in for another virtual orgy the following week. I’d recommend it to anybody.

“Knowing that strangers were watching left us panting”

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