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Giant panda spotting An excursion worth its weight in cuteness (either as an organised trip or via taxi), the world-famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is now home to some 120 bears and offers a thorough insight into the giant panda, native to Sichuan’s mountainou­s regions. It’s just 11km northeast from Tianfu Square. If that seems a little too far, consider spending the morning at Chengdu Zoo (5km from Wenshuyuan Monastery), which is also home to some of the bamboo-munching creatures. Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, 1375 Xiongmao Avenue, Chenghua District, cn. Chengdu Zoo, 234 Zhaojuesi Road, Chenghua District, Leshan Giant Buddha Your hotel concierge may be able to assist in the organisati­on of a day trip to this Unesco World Heritage site, some 120km south of the city, close to Mount Emei. The 71m cliffside wonder is the culminatio­n of 80-years’ chiselling by several monks in the 8th century. It actually depicts Maitreya, the ‘future Buddha’, and is a sight you won’t forget. An organised outing may include a visit to the key temples of Emei, and lunch in a local restaurant. 2345 Lingyun Road, Shizhong District, Leshan,

People’s (Renmin) Park Central parks are always an invaluable introducti­on to a Chinese city and its people, and Chengdu’s is no exception. From early morning tai chi to evening chatter around a pot of cha at its lakeside teahouse, the park is the focus of an extraordin­ary range of pastimes including ballroom dancing and salsa, chess, opera and traditiona­l music, calligraph­y and creative writing. Look out for men with a miner’s lamps on their foreheads and short fluffy sticks: they’ll (publicly) clean out your ears for £2.25. 12 Shaocheng Road

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