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Revitive can weave its magic while you sit back in your armchair and watch TV thanks to its easy operation, and is the culminatio­n of a century of research. Tired, Heavy Legs? Puffy Ankles? FREE HOME DELIVERY – hydrate yourself & apply FREE moisturise­r to feet, increase intensity until your calf muscles contract, sit back, relax & let Revitive do the rest. EASY TO USE “Get your leg muscles pumping to help put a ‘Spring’ in your step” – Revitive creates Electrical Muscle Stimulatio­n (EMS) which sends gentle electrical pulses up through the feet which contracts the calf muscles to get your leg muscles pumping & may help provide relief from the feeling of tired legs and puffy feet and ankles, while you relax. – Imperial College London’s vascular surgery department at Charing Cross Hospital London has conducted extensive clinical studies and advocate its use. – Revitive is a class IIa medical device offering a drug-free solution, plus entitling you to claim back the VAT** if you suffer from a long-term illness - call for further details. EFFECTIVE Actively increase circulatio­n END OF YEAR SALE to reduce these symptoms with the Revitive Circulatio­n Booster® CLINICAL TRIALS DRUG-FREE by the England Cricket Legend and Charity Walker: - Lord Ian Botham by the Professor: – Professor Jonathan Beard, Consultant Vascular Surgeon Sheffield Teaching Hospitals T he Revitive Medic model is indicated for those who are diagnosed with diabetes, varicose veins, arterial disease (high cholestero­l & high blood pressure) or who suffer with leg cramps. Revitive technology is suitable for those with muscle problems and restricted mobility, especially while recovering from an operation. The Revitive Circulatio­n Booster® has a proven track record – of effectivel­y stimulatin­g your leg muscles giving you that feeling of fresh legs. Patented Stimulatio­n Waveforms Clinical study shows significan­t increase in blood flow Researcher­s from Imperial College London and London’s South Bank University demonstrat­ed in a clinical study†† that Revitive significan­tly improves blood flow by over 50%. ALTERNATIV­ELY ™ END OF YEAR SALE THE REVITIVE ProHealth & 2 FREE GIFTS SAVE ® £43.98 • FREE Foot & Leg Cream • FREE Body Pads • FREE UK Delivery SAVE £133 to mainland UK* with your purchase of Revitive ProHealth Circulatio­n Booster®. on REVITIVE MEDIC BUNDLE NOW ONLY £149.99 Call us for details of Offer & VAT relief Revitive ProHealth not eligible for VAT relief END OF YEAR SALE SAVE £133 90-DAY RISK-FREE TRIAL FREE PHONE: Quote Code PERFECT 10s FOR REVITIVE ON 0800 014 6046 Call today! RDX2400 DIABETES NEUROPATHI­C PAIN Lines open Mon-Sat 8am-7pm & Sun 10am-3pm It’s made a big difference. I feel I can stay on my feet much longer, and my legs don’t hurt as much. I still do a bit of netball umpiring, and even play a match now and legs and feet don’t feel anywhere near as bad as before Revitive.” I would recommend anyone with lower leg problems like I have, due to type 2 Diabetes, to give it a try.” Post completed coupon to: Dept RDX2400, Actegy Ltd, Reflex, Cain Road, Bracknell RG12 1HL 10/10 Philip, Blackpool. HEAVY LEGS & PUFFINESS PLEASE TICK BOX FOR PAYMENT OPTIONS BELOW YOUR DELIVERY AND PAYMENT DETAILS My feet and legs feel less puffy and some days I feel symptom free.” Sheree, Telford. 10/10 OPTION 1: REVITIVE ProHealth Title First Name Surname One Payment of £149.99 Inc. VAT Babette, Hook, Hants. 10/10 OPTION 2: REVITIVE ProHealth Address 4 interest-free Payments of £37.50 Inc. VAT* (Credit & Debit cards only) Postcode *Available on credit/debit cards only, subject to status. Initial deposit is due at time of order and payments will be charged to your credit / debit card. There will be no interest charges from Actegy Ltd, but in the event of late payment credit/debit card company charges may apply. UNSUITABLE IF YOU ARE: Fitted with a heart pacemaker or AICD; being treated for, or have the symptoms of, an Existing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT); pregnant. Email Always read the label. Use only as directed. If you are uncertain about the cause of your symptoms or your symptoms persist, please consult your Doctor. ††TRIAL: With Revitive, calculatio­ns showed blood volume 4 times higher than baseline / at rest in healthy people (Varatharaj­an et al, 2014, The effect of footplate neuromuscu­lar electrical stimulatio­n on venous and arterial hemodynami­cs, Phlebology, July 4 20 participan­ts.) Revitive Medic Bundle from £249.96 inc VAT (£208.33 excl VAT). *Free standard P&P worth £7.99 in England and Wales. Some areas of Scotland, Northern Ireland and other remote postcodes will incur a surcharge cost of £19.99. Next day or express deliveries will cost more, please ask our customer service team for a quote †If returned within 90 days, full refund of purchase price, minus collection fee of £7.99 (some areas of Scotland, Northern Ireland and other remote postcodes will incur a surcharge cost of £19.99). Must be returned in original UNDAMAGED packaging otherwise further charges may apply. 1 trial per customer only & trial starts from dispatch date. **If you suffer a long term illness or disability, you may be able to claim back the VAT. All quotes used are real however, to protect the identity of our customers, models have been used for the pictures. Copyright © 2020 Actegy Ltd. All rights reserved. Revitive and Circulatio­n Booster are trademarks or registered trademarks of Actegy Ltd. Registered in England no. 4819502. Registered office Actegy Ltd, Reflex, Cain Road, Bracknell, RG12 1HL, UK. AW: 17315004 03.20 Tel Charge my: Card No. Start Date I enclose Cheque / Postal Order made payable to ‘Actegy Ltd’. Visa Visa Debit MasterCard Maestro Please write name & address on back of Cheque / P.O. Your order will be despatched as soon as your cheque has cleared. SIGNATURE Exp Date Security Code Issue No. Last 3 digits on reverse Maestro only Occasional­ly we may send exclusive offers by post & email. Tick here if you prefer not to receive these . To change your preference, visit privacy policy on M ore than 2 million people are now dedicated to the Revitive Circulatio­n Booster®, which is high-tech yet needs no specialist operation. Revitive is being shown to help with symptoms such as the feeling of tired legs and puffy ankles - as well as improving our feeling of health generally. The circular footrest is a dynamic hub for electrical muscle stimulatio­n (EMS) technology, sending electrical pulses gently up through the feet and into the body. ew people realise it but the calves act as our ‘second heart’, F pumping blood up from the body’s farthest reaches back to the heart. It’s no secret that things tend to slow through ageing or being less active. After we’ve been on our feet for a while, at best many of us suffer from symptoms where we find our legs feeling tired and ankles puffy. Yet sufferers are discoverin­g that is a thing of the past thanks to the Revitive Circulatio­n Booster®, a drug-free, therapy device which actively increases circulatio­n. It should be used from just 30 minutes daily and it won’t interfere with any existing medication. “every I believe using Revitive day could help me stay active for longer! “Revitive uses clinically proven EMS technology which I know works”