Be a fast learner

How to ease fasted runs into your train­ing rou­tine

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‘A “stan­dard” run­ner would only re­ally want to have one fasted ses­sion a week and be­cause the in­ten­sity of a ses­sion needs to be low, it would need to be an easy or re­cov­ery run, usu­ally done first thing be­fore eat­ing break­fast,’ says run­ning coach Karen Weir. ‘Many run­ners who run be­fore work or run to work may well be fasted al­ready.’


‘You could grad­u­ally build up the dis­tance by five to 10 min­utes a week if you wanted to use it as your long, slow run,’ says Weir.


‘I wouldn’t rec­om­mend try­ing to do any ses­sion that re­quires qual­ity, such as in­ter­vals, hill work or even a tempo run, says Weir. ‘Ex­per­i­ment and see how it works for you – try an easy half-hour run one morn­ing be­fore break­fast and if that’s OK, the fol­low­ing week you can add on five min­utes and so on.’

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