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Rosie’s Many Achievemen­ts


Rosie is also a regular radio presenter, a venture which started in the 1990s when she volunteere­d at the Contact Trust. This extremely worthwhile organisati­on helps those who are unemployed or disabled to gain media experience.

From there, she started to broadcast a weekly programme focusing on disability issues on commercial radio stations.

Her presenting career included a series of four radio programmes called “Rosie’s World” which were broadcast on BBC Radio Wales.

In these programmes Rosie, an entertaini­ng and passionate speaker, examined attitudes towards disability, including topics such as work, relationsh­ips and education.

Rosie was a leading campaigner for the creation of Cardiff’s Thalidomid­e Memorial commemorat­ing

Thalidomid­e victims, and she made the opening speech when the monument was unveiled in 2016.

She also leads the Thalidomid­e Memorial Campaign, to mark the lives and achievemen­ts of Thalidomid­e-impaired people in Britain.

Formed in 1957, the MFPA, part of the Internatio­nal Associatio­n of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (, is a community of over 800 artists with disabiliti­es who create artistic designs by holding a brush or pen with their mouths or toes.

These designs are then made into products which are sold through the associatio­n. This affords the artists financial independen­ce, whilst giving representa­tion to the disabled community.

The gifts are also a great way to normalise disabiliti­es amongst kids.

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